We set out to keep your cargo safe, now we want to make sure you are secure too. Our new range of snow and ice tools is designed to help you deal with the conditions winter throws at us. Designed to be compact but effective, tough and long-lasting but affordable and ergonomic so they are easy to use, we think these are the best auto snow tools we've ever used. Our multi-purpose shovel was crafted over years of research and testing and is a unique safety shovel ideal to keep in your vehicle.

Our COMPACT Safety Shovel is custom designed to be the ideal multi-purpose shovel for your car.

Incorporating a shovel, ice-scraper, squeegee wings, and safety reflectors in a car-friendly compact size this shovel is perfect to keep in your vehicle at all times. The compact size with dual handle ergonomics and high-capacity shovel makes it ideal for clearing snow or dirt from around your car and can fit under the body and around wheel arches.

With a removable ice scraper tip, replaceable elastomer squeegee protection wings, super-durable composite material construction that is nearly indestructible, ergonomic design for ease of use, and safety reflectors this shovel is going to last a lifetime and could save your life.

Our Black Edition unit besides looking like a stealth shovel is made from impact-resistant nylon for extra stiffness, durability, and lightness so it is even more suited for carrying into the unknown for your vehicle or if you’re skiing or trekking.