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Grabberpusher - COVID-19 - 3D Printable device for reducing touch and contamination for everyday tasks.

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This is a 3D printable product. Free of charge to download during the COVID-19 Crisis. Download files at checkout page. This is free but you need to go through checkout to download. (Sorry, it's a shopify thing)

Designed to aid door opening, button pushing, grabbing tickets, basic holding actions while minimising contact and spread of germs and virus particles.

During the COVID-19 crisis it is important to minimise chances of contamination and we have become really aware of everything we touch and interact with.  Doors, elevator buttons and pincode number pads are something we would like to minimise contact with.  Stay Safe Everyone. 

PLEASE NOTE: We recommended sanitising / disinfect the contact points of this units as regularly as possible. This unit is designed to minimise your hands contacting surfaces but beware it will become unclean so please refrain from touching the ends of the grabber.

3D-Printing Details: This unit is designed to be printed without support material. See print layout images for details of suggested orientation. We recommend a strong rigid material. We have tested PLA and it works great. We also assume ABS, Tough PLA, PA11, PC and other similar materials would work well. 

Assembly Details: Both parts can be held together with an M6 or 1/4 20" bolt. The hole is 6mm. Use as many elastic bands as you want for tension, and for grabbing things you can apply extra thumb pressure. We used an extra elastic band on the nose tip to give better grip for grabbing small things like tickets.