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Quick Strap packs x 2

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When we build our first shopping holder we wanted a convenient way to also hold bottles that would be instant and accessible. Designing the strap slots and imagining the use of a little elasticated strap such as the Quickstrap™ became a fundamental part of the STAYHOLD® design direction.

Our Quickstraps are super convenient as they live on your shopping holder. They are super quick, hence the name, and are ideal for holding bottles but also so many other everyday items.

While these are super for bottles and small items we wanted to bring the same convenience to securing larger items on the rear of our shopping holders so we also made the Combi-strap which aims to combine the best bits of the Quickstrap’s speed and stretchiness with the added bonus of expansion using multiple straps and extra length from the start so that you can hold bigger items. (And even create nets)

PURPOSE: The STAYHOLD® Quickstraps works in conjunction with our cargo organizer range.

EASY & QUICK TO USE: Quick action pull tabs for ease of use. The polyester straps are placed through strap slots and allow you hold objects quickly.

SAFE & SECURE: Don't you hate that sound of loose items rolling around in the back of your car? Keeps bottles, sprays, tins and much more secure.

ORGANIZATION ON THE FLY: Elasticated straps keep pesky items organized and at the ready while our durable modular organizers (Not Included) hold everyday items in place making daily errands or road trips a breeze!

MIX & MATCH: It really is as flexible as you want it to be. No matter how big or small your organizing needs are for your trunk we have something that will work for you. Mix and match with our STAYHOLD® Cargo Organizer products to get the job done.